The killing fields of Cancer

In request of a fellow blogger Vibrant, this time a post in English.
Because I want to share this video worldwide……….. because this Belgian artist Stromae is a remarkable person, who make you think after every new song and video.

This one is over here in the Netherlands a hot issue: everybody is talking about it,  it touches people and make them think.  I guess it is because everybody now days know somebody with cancer. And Stromae can do that to people: make them think.
The good thing is that cancer is not always as black as it seems to be: more people can recover and live a long live after modern treatments. But the cancer goes with them for the rest of their life. There will always be the doubt if it will come back, sometime……
So if you are a survivor,
or somebody with cancer,
trying to get as much time as you can with a cancer that is going with you,
inside your body or mind,
the cancer will always be there.
As Stromae say: “petit tu par a vacances?”  Cancer can give you some breathing space, the treatments can give you hope, a lot of hope, and more and more life.  But it won’t leave you, survivor or not.

And of course, there’s the dancer Stromae: his movements are special. I like how he makes the message visual, in movements and pictures.

I wonder what your thought are about this video, let me know if you want:

4 Reacties op “The killing fields of Cancer

  1. A truly remarkable video. Thank you for sharing it. 😊

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  2. Thank you Kate for watching it!


  3. Wow! What an impressive video. Being healthy still (lucky me!!) this video shows perfectly the feeling you must perceive when you deal with cancer. Creepy, nasty, scary

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